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Photo: Family Portrait
Photo courtesy of Rob Wolfe Photography
Shellie Bailey with her sons Vanden, and B.C. Fehmerling.

Shellie Bailey believes if you are an artist, you were born an artist. This rings true for Bailey; she has always enjoyed creating art through various mediums. In August 1994, she realized her calling is photography. However, outside of photography, she pursues model coaching, sells jewelry, paints and much more. Bailey opened Studio 99 in October 2021, after being a freelance photographer for over 20 years. She desired to create an environment where her clients felt comfortable and where she could support artists of all ages. She pursued these ideas and now has created a space where one can relax while having photos taken of “anything but vampires.” To make this ideal environment, Bailey avoids using harsh fluorescent lighting in her studio. Instead, she opts for warm lighting from candles and yellow bulbs, which create a warm and welcoming environment. Additionally, she has created a “goodwill” pantry in her studio for those in need.

Bailey is a huge supporter of small artists; she currently has paintings by Erin Horton a local artist hung throughout her studio. She adds that she takes a much smaller percentage of revenue made from the art compared to a typical gallery. Her advice to artists everywhere is to “find something that makes you different.” She also suggests that photographers get their certification; she received hers from American Studios in Orlando.

There are many things for Bailey to be proud of. She is regularly published in “Vogue Daily,” a popular magazine and has been a successful model/pageant coach for many girls. However, in her career, the thing she is proudest of is the number of people who have looked at photos she took of them and said it’s the first time they have ever liked a photo of themselves. Additionally, she is extremely proud of her two sons, Vanden and B.C. Fehmerling. “My kids are everything to me,” Bailey says.

Studio 99 is located at 116 Conner St. NE, in Live Oak. Visit to book an
appointment or call (352) 421-0997.

Courtesy of : Grace McAlister, Riverbend News


Photo: Hannah
Photo courtesy of Studio 99
Hannah, age 17, is a regular at Studio 99.

Photo: Christopher
Photo courtesy of Studio 99
One-year-old Christopher was photographed by Shellie Bailey.

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